This site is introducing piano pieces 〈dis-Piano〉 composed by Shojiro Kumamoto
Concept of piano pieces “dis-Piano”】
I am playing the guitar since junior high school. I was making songs and playing band activities in medical college. It was quite seriously tackled, but,it was the biggest harvest that I noticed the no-talent of my own. Later when I was mid-20s,I had big benefit of meeting wonderful classical music and ethnic music, to know that the musics were great unknown still exist.
  Now, I am a psychiatrist & music therapist, I got the opportunity to meet many music experts, through the music therapy in 1990s. For me, it was a happy experience in every day, I faced the musics again. Previously I was always thinking that I want to create music. So I started to write a "piano pieces" . Isn't it a interesting concept that a man who cannot play the piano (disability for PIANO) writes the piano music. So the title is "dis-Piano"! "Try as a study of music," In 2007, the works were started. PC gave me exactly score music, but they are too mechanical sound. So,in official take(music CD),I requested sound making to Yusuke Kataoka(professional musician) for getting more acoustical and natural sounds.
These works were endlessly lonely at night & they were the documents of my life. Works are so hard, but I felt  happiness when one song was completed. In this work, what I aimed at is easy to listen, and excitement & insistence in music. There is no more joy if it is possible listen and enjoy.
 At the moment, although I haven't done a formal copyright registration, when you play them in public spaces and post YouTube etc, it is pleasure to let me know if possible the following mail.
  Please listen below tracks! ⇒Japanese
 ※This time, Official Material & Score is up, Please Listen & Play These Tunes.(2013.12.08.)

                                   June/2012, Shojiro Kumamoto
                                                                   1964、Born In Japan, Oita Prefecture
                                                                    Psyciatrist, Music Therapist
〈Contents;Official Material(mp3)〉
                  ⇒ Comments (PDF)

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 01.New Moon   Score         
 02.Night & Marble  Score        
 03.Afternoon of distant daytoi-hino Score
 04.Fenestra  Score    Movie(YouTube)
 05.Invisible Snow Score   Movie(YouTube)
 06.Dominish  Score               
 07.Spring-ishHaru-ism  Score  
 08.tabledance  Score         
 09.Möbius Blue  Score         
 10.Silent Echoes Score       
 11.Re-(c)ession #9  Score    
 12.Water for A MAN Score  Movie(YouTube)
 13.Nine plus Five (for 2 Pianos) Score1Score2
 14.DOTAGE  Score      
 15.Else If  Score   Movie(YouTube)
 16.La Corte  Score      
 17.two complex  Score      
 18.Another Moon Score     
  ・・・bonus tracks・・・  (Extra page;Thema for my cats)
 19.Thema for KURO-chan Score  Movie(YouTube)
 20.Thema for P-chan  Score   Movie(YouTube) 

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Sorry, I can't ship Official CD to out of Japan.
   I will donate the proceeds of this works to East Japan earthquake relief    reconstruction through Japanese Red Cross Society.
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